unlock your team's potential

Success at Breakout Lawrence requires teamwork, communication, and contribution from everybody as you work toward a common goal. Come to think of it, success in your work life requires the same things.

Team Lab by Breakout Lawrence starts with the fun, excitement, and challenge of our top-rated escape rooms, and brings even more value to your team builder by connecting your Breakout experience to how your team communicates and succeeds in real life.

Many teams have already benefited from Team Lab... will yours be next?


kansas' premier escape room experience

When planning team building, you want your team members to be able to relax and enjoy a memorable experience together. With unique escape rooms built by the same creators of Breakout KC, a USA Today Top 5 Escape Room, you can rest assured that you made the right choice and use that mental energy toward solving our challenging rooms!

guided workshops with certified coaches

The Team Lab workshop consists of two sessions, one before and one after the Breakout Lawrence escape room, with one of our licensed team building coaches.

Session 1 - Each team member gains a basic understanding of each Element as well as an overview of their individual Path Elements Profile. The goal is to establish a foundation that is tested in the fun and challenging environment of Breakout Lawrence

Session 2 - Team members are de-briefed after the Breakout Lawrence room and participates in the process of connecting what they have learned to their work environment and team communication.

the path elements profile™ 

Team Lab utilizes the Path Elements Profile™, a simple, visual, intuitive, and powerful tool that assesses your team’s personal hard-wiring through a 16 question survey.

Each team member receives a unique full color personal report that empowers them to better know themselves and communicate with their peers.

Team Leaders also receive the Group Report, a powerful guide and reference tool that provides leadership with insight into their team from a Path Elements perspective.