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She is 100% fearless and LOVES taking risks!  She is incredibly welcoming and can make anybody feel like they belong just by smiling at them.  She will also make sure you are staying fully hydrated.  We don't know what we would do without her.

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She is our very own Alaskan princess. Although she is from the beautiful and icy mountains, she would be happy to travel to anywhere and call it home. Dani is always willing to try new things, no matter how weird or gross it may be... But don't be intimidated, because she LOVES meeting new people!

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She is bold. She is brave. She is by far the funniest person on our staff. If you are prone to heart attack or pulmonary brouhaha, be wary of this one. Sometimes she is standing at our front desk ready to great you with a smile. Sometimes she's hiding around the corner ready to jump out and surprise any unsuspecting person. Although she tends to be a bit of a wild card, we still like having her around.


He gets husband of the year for the way he loves and cares for his lovely wife.  He treats us all like his little siblings - which we love him for.  He is also the most adult person we have on our team, so watch out!


He loves playing games...and he is really good at them! He is very clever and able to keep a straight face during every joke he shares. We are excited for you to meet him!


She is caring, a patient listener, and is going to massage therapy school! If you want to laugh with someone, she's your girl!


She is the face behind the camera. She love new friends and bad jokes. She is a master at riddles, and has some fierce dance moves. She is also great at answering any and all Breakout related questions.


He is the raddest manager we know. He is always creating, whether it's writing a groovy new song with his band or constructing a clever puzzle for Breakout. And he is able to make "nerdy" cool. How? We still haven't figured that one out...