Four Unique Games

Groups of 2-8: $30 per player // Groups of 9 or more: $25 per player

We offer a challenge to suit every taste. Try every game, then keep coming back to beat your personal record

Ready to ring in the new millenium? Not so fast - the Y2K bug is threatening to bring down computer networks across the world. Work fast to reset the system before the clock strikes midnight!

Capacity: 2-8 Players

Escape Rate: ~35%

Monthly Top Time: 46:11

There’s a plot to steal the Original Rules of Basket Ball, and only you can stop it! Your quick wits and problem solving will help you more than your basketball knowledge or your jump shot will.

Capacity: 2-6 Players

Escape Rate: ~55%

Monthly Top Time:  28:46

A rogue trader is set to embezzle millions, perhaps billions, of dollars from innocent investors. It’s up to you to put a stop to it - your reward could be lucrative!

Capacity: 2-6 Players

Escape Rate: ~25%

Monthly Top Time:  39:46

You and your fellow soldiers have been captured and placed in an enemy bunker. You receive word that there is a way out, but you only have an hour before your captors return from a scouting tour. Act fast, or it's taps for you!

Capacity: 3-6 Players

Escape Rate: ~25%

Monthly Top Time:  42:22


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