Get Out Games

The Get Out Games Mobile Escape Game will be parked on the East side of the West Ridge Mall parking lot, between Dillards & Sears!
(exact location at bottom of page)

12/15 (Fri)  -  4pm - 9pm
12/16 (Sat)  -  12pm - 9pm
12/17 (Sun)  -  12pm - 5pm
12/22 (Fri)  -  4pm - 9pm
12/23 (Sat)  -  12pm - 9pm
12/24 (Sun)  -  12pm - 5pm


The Railcar

You’ve hitchhiked onto a runaway railcar headed straight for Union Station. With only half an hour until your estimated arrival, you find that your railcar is carrying an active bomb, and you have no way to communicate the need to evacuate to the hundreds of civilians at Union Station.
Disarm the bomb before it’s too late!


Our tentative parking spot